Bedroom Chronicles IV

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Been one to hide my emotions or not pay attention to my feelings because of maybe looking weak.. Or, being embarrassed.. It wasn’t until I reached my lowest point did I realize that emotions were meant to be felt.

You can’t control these things. That knot in your throat before you shed a tear, the heat that takes over your body before you’re inferior, the beat your heart skips when passion checks in…

We are human, and we were meant to feel.

And the weakest person in the room is the one who cannot.

Love should be defined as

Taking a chance…

When I meet someone

The first thing I want to do is just vomit everything about myself, once they’re interested of course. I always feel like if I’ve never met this person before, I have the right to be completely open.


I don’t want to push my ways on anyone but it makes perfect sense to me that if you arrive as you are, you can only be accepted as such. That to me, is a beautiful thing.

We live in a society that has so lost it’s sense of moral values that common decency is often not even practiced.

Day 48: #100daysofhappy
In life, There will be times where everything feels out of control. Just like the eye of the storm, in the midst of the dirt and chaos there’s a place of peace you can go. You can’t control the wind nor the tide. Don’t wait for your problems to dissolve to find your peace. Life is too short to be offended, upset, stressed….
Be still, stable, consistent.💛

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Reminds me of Barbarella…

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If you’re black and this isn’t on your blog… -_-

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